Purpose of our Club

The Free State Boran club was established to facilitate interaction between Boran farmers in the heart of cattle country and to promote the benefits of Boran cattle more broadly (see Why the Boran?). The Free State has by far the most registered Boran breeders compared to any other province.

There are several benefits to being a member of the Free State Boran Club.

Firstly, it allows you to sell animals on the annual Free State Club auction. This is particularly helpful to breeders who are not big enough to host their own auctions. Places offered at the Boran National auction and other invitation auctions are very limited.

Secondly, the club organises tours for members to visit other Boran breeders in the Free State and in other provinces. These tours are very informative and a great learning opportunity!

Thirdly, the club organises Boran training courses and inspections at fellow club members’ farms which facilitate learning about the breed, management of the Boran and where support and advice can be sought.

Lastly, the club helps to create a sense of comraderie and support amongst our fellow Free State breeders by providing opportunities to get to know fellow breeders and their animals.

The club committee members for 2016/17 are: Anton Lombard (Chairperson); Tinus Bessinger (Vice Chairperson); Adriaan Lamprecht and Martin van Rooyen as well as Zippo Lamprecht and Werner Steinhobel in assistance when needed.

Please click on the link to download a Free State Boran – Membership Application Form.

Contact details of all our current members can be found at 2016/17 Free State Club Members.

Please feel free to contact us at vrystaatboranklub@gmail.com or leave us a comment on the website.

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One thought on “Purpose of our Club

  1. Tinus Bessinger

    Baie dankie ouens vir al die moeite wat julle sover gedoen het. Ek waardeur dit en sien uit na n great en opwindende jaar saam met julle.


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